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Go-Ride report, Hodgemoor Woods

Today's ride in Hodgemoor Woods was great fun despite the rain it attracted 4 of my fellow young riders-Thomas, Harriet, Connell and Charles along with a small group of willing parent coaches. We left the car park at 10 o'clock and headed straight for a fast lap around Hales Wood, for a warm up. This was when we discovered that Charles had a passion for splashing others, so thank you Charles, we were soaked!
We then headed to the biggest bomb hole in Hodgemoor Woods, known to us all as the dead motorcyclist bomb hole, all was well until  Charles had a go, he confidently set off down the slope and fortunately made it through the hard part however the bottom was quite wet and he slide out and ended up getting covered in mud.  We then headed towards the descents and had a good laugh rocketing down them knowing that we were nearing the huge patch of mud that awaited us at the bottom. After that we climbed back up towards the main bomb holes, we played around there for a while until we headed towards the climax of our ride, the descent Lawrence Hill to Bottom House Farm Lane. We finished climbing back through Hales Wood to the car park.
This was then followed by a well earned lunch at the pub down the road.

Thank you to all who came
Happy new year
Jacob North

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